OneIndia WiFi - About Us

Our History

Stretching out the boundaries to offer the greatest types of services

CredenTek Software & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., as the name denotes it’s a converged software solution provider in the IT infrastructure front established to provide end-to-end solutions for micro, medium and large enterprises. With unmatched engineering and fine-tuned process management, CredenTek aims to translate business challenges into opportunities for its customers, investors and all other stakeholders. Technology being the business foundation, the prime objective of the organization is to bring together various global vendors aligned for an integrated solution that makes the customer meet its right solution. The team believes the saying that, it is only the customer who can call a solution on the proposal. The aim of the organization is to understand the business challenges and present a proposal that can be named a solution by our esteemed customers. Our experienced Sheffield-based team is passionate about building a community of sustainable and successful solutions and a community of motivated enterprises.
CredenTek Software & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. brings strategic and technical expertise to build and support critical business functions, from an idea to implementation. We engage multi-disciplinary techno-commercial teams with expertise in each of the areas critical to the success of the solution. Providing operational consultancy to the end-users to adopt the domain expertise, makes the solution viable for our esteemed customers.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader through a customer-centric approach by keeping trust & care as our signature.
Our mission is to constantly provide optimal methods,innovate, learn and explore state-of-the-art technologies and services and be competitive with product knowledge, industry knowledge blended with professional skills, fulfill the demands of our customers and apply new technological accomplishments for the faster and more efficient treatment of our customers.


1. Do you manufacture the product?
- We DO NOT manufacture the product ourselves, as we are the sole aggregator of this product.
2. Do you maintain inventory/stock of your own?
- Yes, Being an aggregator we do have to maintain a stock of the products for our customers.
3. Do you have formal tie-ups with any supplier or manufacturer for sourcing products?
- Yes, we are currently in tie-ups with Aggressive Electronics Manufacturing Services Pvt. Ltd. Who provide us with the products.
4. What is the delivery timeline of the products sold to the customer?
- The delivery timeline for the product is 5-10 days after the received advanced payment confirmation.
5. Is it a Dropshipping model?
- NO, we operate as an AGGREGATOR BUSINESS MODEL, where we partner up with product providers and the customers/PDOs for the products deal.