OneIndiaWiFi PDO Plans

Note :

1. AP Device Cost to be paid 100% in advance

2. Courier charges to be paid by both parties - 50% - 50%

3. Software will be provided by OneIndiaWifi Team

4. AP device will be configured remotely by OneIndiaWifi Team

5. Above revenue projection is subject to projected number of users & Devices. If number of users in a month is more or less than the projected numbers, actual revenue figures will change

6. Revenue payment will be made by 7th of next month through NEFT / RTGS, directly to bank account.

7. FREE items with AP device

a. PDO Certificate

b. One T-shirt

c. 10 meter LAN cable

d. TEN copies of brochure

8. PDO can login to portal and check their recharge amount online.

9. Distributorship will be given exclusively for MAX 5 PIN Codes

10. User Mobile App will be provided FREE